C/o 400/220/132 KV AIS Substation


Primary Employer - ABB 

Contract Amount - Approx 15 Cr

Scope of Work - Complete Civil works related to AIS substation at Liladharpur Village, Aurai, UP.

(a) It includes Survey and setting out, Fiiling the area, Construction of Foundations, Buildings, Roads, Drains, Cable Trenches and other Utilities.

(b) Construction of Control Room, GIS building and Switchyard works.


C/o 400KV HVDC Substation, Balia


Primary Employer - Siemens

Contract Amount -  Approx 20 Cr

Year of Completion - 2010

Scope - 

(a) Foundation of 50MVAR Line Reactors and Complete Tower and Equipment Foundations.

(b) Foundation for Lattice & pipe structures and equipment

(c) Cable trenches along with covers and sump pits and Cable trench crossings

with roads, rail tracks, culverts etc. However the cable trench layout

drawing shall be prepared by the contractor.

(e) Drainage system in the substation is already functional.

(f) Construction of Control Room.

(g) Fire Fighting Pump House building and fire water tank.

(h) Construction of Type Quarters, transit camps, recreation center, covered parking etc.

(i) Construction of underground water tank, septic tank, soak pit, rain water harvesting etc.

(j) Removal, cleaning and washing of existing stone

and re-spreading after doing anti-weed treatment

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